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Why do I need to hire an Attorney for my Worker's Compensation Claim?

Updated: Jan 10, 2018

Many individuals may believe that hiring a lawyer will be a hindrance to their case, costing them money in the long run. We believe this is not the case.

At the Law Office of Donald Vigil we do not believe that every injury case necessitates the involvement of a lawyer. That is why we offer incoming clients a free consultation to determine if it is in their interest that we become involved. Some cases are simply solved between an adjuster and the injured party. The purpose of a consultation is to determine whether or not your claim requires the intervention of an attorney.

If you have been injured while on the job, and are struggling to receive any assistance from your employer, it is more than likely you will require a lawyer to help you to obtain the money that is owed to you by your employer. Worker's Compensation rules mandate an extensive amount of paperwork that can often be cumbersome for the layperson to navigate.

Our team has an intimate knowledge of the New Mexico Worker's Compensation Administration. This knowledge is invaluable when proceeding with a claim against your employer. Diving in and attempting to navigate the vast amounts of paperwork and meet the important deadlines simultaneously is often hard for someone without and experience in the Worker's Compensation system.

Advocacy with employers is another benefit to our service. Clients often have little recourse when dealing with stubborn employers who do not want their injured employees to file a claim. Employers will often suggest to a client that it would be better to just "deal with it internally." This can prevent individuals from receiving the full benefits they are entitled to by law. Because of our extensive experience in Worker's Compensation Claims we are able to determine the correct amount of money you should receive for your weekly benefits. We are also able to ensure that you receive the maximum settlement allowable when finishing your claim. Often times without a lawyer advocating on your behalf, the amount of money you receive diminishes.

Another common complaint made by our clients is the refusal of their employers to accommodate their injuries while on the job. A doctor may indicate that a worker is not to exceed "light duty," while an employer needs their staff to return to full duty faster than they are able to. As your attorney we can advocate on your behalf and ensure your employer does not force you to engage in work that may bring further harm to your person.

The Law Office of Donald Vigil maintains important relationships with medical providers throughout the state. These relationships ensure that our clients receive the best treatment possible. These relationships also ensure that our clients work with providers who will not only advocate for their health, but also for their Worker's Compensation benefits. It is important that your medical provider understand the Worker's Compensation Administration to ensure that your treatment will be covered by the Worker's Compensation insurance.

Another area of our practice is Social Security Disability and Long Term Disability. We believe it is important to bundle Worker's Compensation and Disability when the case mandates it. Often times our injured clients are unable to work after sustaining debilitating disabilities on the job. Because of our Social Security Disability and Long Term Disability practice we are better able to advocate on behalf of these clients who will need financial remedies for their long term afflictions. If your Worker's Compensation lawyer did not have such knowledge they would not be unable to ensure you receive the benefits you are owed in the future.

Insurance companies can be difficult for the layperson to work with. It takes an acute understanding of processes in order to be successful in pursuing a claim with them at times. The same could be said about the New Mexico Worker's Compensation Administration, the system is designed to be complex and difficult to navigate. It is important to hire someone to assist you in your claim for all of the aforementioned reasons. We believe that we can advocate effectively for our clients and ensure that they receive what is rightfully theirs at the end of their claim.